Supanniga Group was founded by Thanaruek Laoraovirodge and Tatchai Nakapan to develop Thai cuisine with fresh concepts and offer new dining experience to the Thais and people around the world. The group commenced its first restaurant venture with the opening of Krua Supanniga by Khun Yai at Supanniga Home in Khon Kaen province in 2012. The idea is simply to bring back grandmother’s eastern region recipes and combine with Isan cuisine. From there, the group has grown to focus on Bangkok restaurant scene and opened its first Bangkok restaurant, Somtum Der, in the same year. 

caters northern Isan food in a modern dynamic atmosphere, something that Bangkok is lacking. Its dishes are real tastes of Isan food, without compromise.
brought authentic home-cooked recipes from eastern & Isan regions to Bangkok.  There are comfort dishes that many Thais are longing for and in the same time intrigue foreign tongues as they are usually not listed in the menu of traditional Thai restaurants.
  EAT (Eat All Thai)
offers sought-after regional homemade menu along side with world’s famous Thai dishes using ingredients sourced from all over Thailand. Its open-kitchen concept excites diners and gives the feeling of traditional food market.
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  EAT rice & noodles
adopts Thai “Tam Sang” food culture and take it to another level with premium and healthy ingredients. All dishes are freshly cooked in a casual open kitchen inspired from Bangkok street food stalls.  
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  Supanniga Cruise
combines authenticity of Thai food from Supanniga Eating Room with the magnificent view of Chao Phraya River, an enjoyment incomparable to any other Chao Phraya cruises available. Supanniga Cruise elevates dining experience with more sophistication and creates a memorable moment.

Supanniga Group determines to develop leading-edge dining concepts for Thailand and to make Thai regional food flourishes in many parts of the world.

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